I live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia on the eastern coast of Canada which inspires my landscape photography. I also travel a bit and enjoy taking photos while exploring new places. Of course I love taking photos of my fur kids too. My photos are frequently the subject of watercolor paintings as my mother, sister and I all paint. My equipment is sadly outdated and I am hoping to upgrade soon. I use a Canon 50mm portrait, 75-300 mm zoom, 100 mm macro. I also carry a Nikon Coolpix and my iPhone for catching unexpected shots.

This slideshow is fed from my Flickr site. I also sell my photography on iStock.

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  1. I am a lighthouse lover and I have never seen such gorgeous shots of any lighthouses like yours! Awesome job! How in the world did you get these amazing photos of these foxes? You are a true nature lover and it shows in your art. I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos, thanks for sharing them with me.